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1 This is the title of my abstract : A Coordinated Control Strategy of AC/DC Hybrid Microgrid Based on Solid State Transformer.
2 Study on Demand Response Tactics of Integrated Energy System in Cities
4 A responsive business model for municipal power utilities in South Africa’s changing electricity market: A case study of the City of Ekurhuleni
5 Design and Practice of low voltage direct current distribution system in buildings: a case of the IBR Future Complex
6 A Design method for distribution network fault diagnosis based on hierarchical immune model
7 Construction of DC Distribution System in Smart City : Challenges and Suggestions
8 Research on Smart and Efficient Maintenance Method of the Diamond Shape Structured Distribution Network for Shanghai City
9 Discussion on Application Strategy of Ubiquitous Smart Meter in Emergency Repair of Urban Distribution Network
10 A Study on Automatic Fault Isolation of Closed Loop System in Power Distribution System
11 FlexE-Based IP Communication Provides Guaranteed Performance for Smart Grid
12 Bidirectional dynamic wireless power transfer for real-time coordination of electrical vehicles between distributed energy resources and power grid
13 Application of Hybrid Energy Storage System in Medium-Low Voltage DC Distribution Network
14 Analysis and Modelling of User Behaviours' Impact on City Load Characteristics
15 Cloud Storage Viability Analysis
16 Development of portable microgrids to increase resiliency in cities
17 Standard Schemes and Engineering Cases of Transformer Noise Reduction for Typical Distribution Room in Residential Area
18 Research and Application of Intelligent Planning Decision - Making Support System for Urban Distribution Network
19 A Two-Step Planning Case Study for Urban Integrated Energy Systems
20 Review on Planning and Development of Urban Distribution Network In Xiong-an New Area
21 Research on Auto-routing technology over Smart Substation Network
22 Dynamic Environmental Economic and Collaborative Flexibility Dispatch of Integrated Power, Heating and Natural Gas Energy System
23 Economic Optimization Operation Strategy for Industrial Park Integrated Energy System
24 Multi-Objective Fuzzy Optimization Scheduling of Integrated Energy System Considering Exergy Efficiency
25 This is the title of my abstract: The development and application of "interactive visualized emergency smart plan" system”.
26 Research on software and hardware resource configuration of relay protection device
27 Analysis of complex distribution network closing loop with multi-terminal FLEXIBLE DC transmission
29 Research of distributed generation dispatching and transaction technology based on blockchain
30 Architecture and key technologies for urban energy internet service platform
31 The 4-layered distribution system in Shanghai and its upgrade to achieve higher reliability
33 Reliability improving strategy with tie line and the coherent automation implementation for ring-shaped distribution network
34 Source-grid Collaborated Multi-objective Optimization Based on Virtual Power Plant
36 Intelligent power outage information management system based on power Internet of things platform
37 fuzzy expected value model for superconducting cable planning based on quantitative cost-benefit uncertainty
38 This is the title of my abstract, Bidding Strategy of Virtual Power Plant Considering Uncertainties of Renewable Energy.
39 Application and practice of comprehensively improving the intelligence level of Guangzhou's medium and low voltage distribution network
40 Research and Application Test of Communication Scheme for Differential Protection of Distribution Networks Based on 5G
41 Exploration and Comparison of Blockchain-based Distributed Energy Trading Mechanism
42 Research on Application and Key Technologies of Compact and Environmentally Friendly Substation
43 Framework and Consensus Mechanism Design of Blockchain Applied to Distrubuted Energy Trading
45 A New Relay Protection Method for Distribution Network Considering Distributed Power Sources and Random Loads
46 Stochastic Load Characteristics of Electric Vehicles and Its Impact on Relay Protection of Distribution Network
47 Automatic construction of knowledge graph and its application in distribution equipment inspection
48 Research on Big Data Application of Relay Protection and Security Automatic Equipment in Jibei Power Grid
49 Queuing theory–based optimal decision-making model of battery energy storage (BES)-assisted fast charging station participating in emergency demand response
50 Research on Improving the Reliability of the Insulated Tubular Busbar Engineering Project
51 Risk Management of Closed-Loop Switching Operation for AC-DC Hybrid Smart Distribution System
53 A Real-Time Asset Management System Based on Deep-Learning via TensorFlow Software Library
54 Evaluation of Electric Vehicle Penetration Impacts on Distribution System Under Responsive Load Management
55 Design of a MQTT Energy Broker for P2P Energy Trading for the Future Smart Cities
56 An Adaptive Characteristic for Overcurrent Relays ConsideringUncertainty in Presence of Distributed Generation
57 Research on Locating Moisture Joint of Cable Based on Time Domain Reflection Method
58 Deep Learning Approach for Optimal Location of Renewable Energy Sources with Minimum Variance
59 Optimal Configuration of Microgrid Considering Photovoltaic under Different Tracking Systems
60 Research on Capacity Optimization of Park Multi Energy Complementary System Based on Life Cycle Economic Constraints
62 This is the title of my abstract: The Core and Sustainable Development of Environment-Friendly Substatuibs.
64 High Voltage Fault Current Limiter by Fast Switch with Multiple Breaks in series
65 Simulation Modeling Method for Fault Handling of Power Distribution Network Considering Information System
66 Design and implementation of user oriented power ubiquitous Internet of things access
68 Short-Circuit Fault Protection Scheme for Serial-Shunt Type Soft Normally Open Point
69 Optimal Protection Coordination of Directional Overcurrent Relays for Micro-grids Considering Contingencies
70 Combined Reinforcement Learning and Mixed Integer Programming for Hydrogen based Microgrid Operation
72 Digital twin system design of urban intelligent switching substation
73 State Grid Shanghai Electric Power Research Institute
74 Optimal Photovoltaic and Battery Energy Storage based 5G base station Configurations in Different Type of Area
75 Design and Application of Defect Perception Model Based on Big Data Analysis of Distribution Automation
76 Study on the Optimal Operation and Environmental Benefits of Regional Comprehensive Energy System Considering Load Aggregators
77 Multi-terminal Section Fault Location Method based on Two-ends Measured Data in Distribution Network
78 Research of High Reliability Distribution Network and its Protective Action Mode
79 Development and application of a miniaturized intelligent pre-installed substation
80 Research on Economic Operation of Distribution Network with Distributed Photovoltaic Access
81 Research on Loss Reduction Tracking and Tuning Method of Distribution Network Based on Time-domain Load Integration
82 Simulation Modeling and Coordinated Optimization of Multi Energy System Including Storage System
83 Evaluation of the provision of control reserve by battery electric vehicles based on real mobility and charging profiles
84 Integrated optimization of active and reactive power considering source and load uncertainties
85 Research on Inertia Integrated Control for Wind Power Integration Based on Transient Energy
86 This is the title of my abstract:Intelligent Early Warning System of Section Switch State for 10 KV Distribution Station Based on Big Data of Power Business
89 Evaluation methods of energy saving transformation benefit of distribution network based on multivariate expert database
90 Robust optimal scheduling for distributed energy storage system considering uncertain frequency change
91 Research on Feature Extraction and Classification of Load's Reactive Power Based on Data-driven
92 Research on Provincial-Local Coordinated Adjustable Load Control Strategy based on the Construction of the New Generation Dispatching Automation Support System
93 Research on Intelligent Distribution Network Automation Design Scheme
94 Application of blockchain technology in virtual power plant considering distributed photovoltaic generation
95 P2P transactive platform: a smart citizen-centred solution for Protected Heritage Cities from H2020 POCITYF
96 Valverde Case Study: Leveraging from Distributed Energy Resources to reach Positive Energy Performance
97 Low-carbon Economic Dispatch of Integrated Energy System Based on Dual Interval Optimization
98 Research on load transfer scheme optimization with probabilistic graphical computing based distribution network operation mode verification
99 Electrical safety early warning model of distribution network based on machine learning
100 Dynamic Topology Reconfiguration of Smart Distribution Systems using Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
103 Construction scheme of digital active distribution network in xiong'an New Area
106 Study on the high-frequency resonant control strategy of VSC-HVDC connected into system
107 Analysis on quicksand in pipe laying engineering of overhead power lines to underground conversion
109 Optimal operation of optical storage and charging in smart factory based on multi-objective particle swarm algorithm
110 'A Novel Method for Synchronous Grid Connection and Load Transfer of Diesel Generator in Low Voltage Distribution Network' is the title of my abstract.
111 Self-regulation of dispatchable loads in resilient power systems
112 Optimal Sizing of Hybrid Energy Storage for Seaport Integrated Energy System
113 'Design and Simulation for Modular Power Electronics Synchronization and Load Transfer Controller for Uninterrupted Operation of Diesel Generator in Low Voltage Distribution Network' is the title of my abstract.
114 Optimization for Distribution Network Operation Considering the Coordinated Dispatch of 5GBS Backup Battery and DES
115 Key technologies for UAV intelligent inspection of distribution lines
116 The Upgrade Strategy towards Higher Reliability with the Application of Switch Station Chain Mode in the Xiongan New Area Electricity Distribution Network
117 Research on Optimal Configuration of Micro Energy Network Operation Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
118 Build a visual intelligent distribution system based on XiongAn digital active power grid
119 Drop-out Fuse Attitude Detection System Based on MEMS Inertial Sensor
120 A new method of pulse magnetic field measurement based on Magneto-Acousto-Electrical effect
121 Optimal Sizing of Energy Storage Systems Participating in Frequency Regulation Market
122 Voltage sharing control strategy of combined DC bidirectional converter applied to DC grid
123 An Adaptive Automatic Voltage Control by Using SNOP for LV Distribution System with High Penetration of Distributed Generations
124 Conjecture of China's Electricity Marketization Path Based on The Blockchain Platform
125 Comparative study on incremental distribution network participation in electricity market between China and foreign countries
127 Low-current ground fault location method based on main distribution network coordination
128 Multi-Attribute Short-Term Load Forecasting Based on LSTM-Static
130 A Non-Invasive, Energy-Harvesting Wireless Synchro phasor power measurement system in LV network
132 Hybrid Super-capacitor Based Short-term High-frequency Energy Storage System for New Energy Power System
133 Research on Intelligent Formation Method of Load Recovery Strategy for The Power Failure of 110kV and 35 kV Substation Based on Real-time Operation Data
134 Abnormal Data Detection Method of Power System Based on Attention Mechanism
135 Investigating Long-Term Generation Contracts Impact on the Economic Dispatch using Robust Optimization
136 Fault location by TDR measurement using capacitive coupling for constant monitoring of distribution grid
137 Optimization Method for Electric Vehicle Access to Distribution Network Based on Demand Side Management
138 Research on Artificial Intelligence Planning Technology of High Proportion of New Energy Connected to Power System Under the background of Distributed Photovoltaic Policy of the Whole County
139 A Deep Learning-Based Classification Scheme for Measurement Replay Attack Detection in SCADA System
141 Research on Supraharmonics Characteristics of EV Charging Facilities based on Field Measurement
142 Research on Bearing Capacity Evaluation of Distributed Generation Considering Data-driven Approaches
143 High precision synchronous phasor measurement based on 5th generation mobile networks
144 Impact of High Penetration of Fast Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles on Harmonic Disturbance Levels in Distribution Networks
145 Research on Compensation Method for Improving D-PMU Measurement Accuracy
146 Research on the Operation Strategy of Integrated Energy System Based on the Integrated Demand Response.
147 Identification of Daily Patterns in Long-term Measurements of Power Quality Characteristics in Chinese Large Cities
148 Research on coordinated charging load and cost of electric vehicles in residential areas
149 A Game Theoretic Optimal Planning Method for Microgrids Using Model Predictive Control
150 Research on the Operation Mode of Joint Investment in Battery Energy Storage Station
151 Violation detection and big data analysis of distribution network operators based on deep learning
153 Risk Assessment in Large-Scale Distribution Grids: Simulation Software Developments for a Systematic Support to Asset Management
155 This is the title of my abstract:The research of detection technology of fault protection for DC distribution system
156 “Integrated planning of efficient electrical power systems in Smart Cities”
157 Blockchain Oriented Software Engineering for DApp Smart Contracts in Smart Energy Markets
158 Data security and protection in blockchain-based energy markets for smart cities
159 Accurate load profiling for distribution system network development
160 Diagnosis of Problematic Low Voltage Grids using Smart Meter Data
161 A risk-based planning tool for integrated urban energy systems
162 State Evaluation Technology of Distribution Network Cable Based on Novel Internal Conductor Temperature Measurement
163 Health state evaluation of low voltage distributed photovoltaic system based on grey correlation analysis of health characteristic curve
165 This is the title of my abstract: Abnormal analysis of temperature rise test of energy-saving distribution transformer.
166 Research on Protection Scheme of High-temperature Superconducting Cable
167 A Transformer-user identification method based on channel identification
170 Research on bi-level optimization model considering the flexibility of active distribution network
172 Optimal Sizing for Hybrid Energy Storage System in Active Distribution Network
173 Discussion on Power Generation Right Transaction Based on Carbon Emission Transaction Scheme
174 Reactive power allocation and strategy optimization method of the city distribution network
175 Voltage Optimization Model of Distribution Network Based on Cross-terminal Data Fusion
176 This is the title of my abstract Research on Locating and Sizing Method of Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC).
177 Intelligent Identification of Voltage Sag Causes based on Multi Channel SE ResNeT Network
178 Application of reliability intelligence algorithm based on power flow calculation topology in intelligent distribution grid planning
179 Fault Incidence Matrix based Reliability Evaluation Method for the Smart Distribution System with High Penetration of Distributed Generation
180 Quantitative Risk Assessment of Cyber Physical Distribution System under Islanding State
181 Optimal Design of Harmonic Monitoring System in Distribution Network Based on Ant Colony Algorithm
182 Study on Visual Comprehensive Evaluation System of Distribution Grid Resilience Based on Deep Auto-encoder
183 Online Stability Supervision of Microgrids using ANN-Based Nonlinear Analysis Method
185 Mid-long Term Load Forecasting Based on GM(1,N)-BP Neural Network Model
186 Modeling Research and Test Analysis on Thermal Balance of Fireproof Power Capacitor
187 Distributed energy collaborative control strategy for grid-connected electric vehicles
188 A New Method for Improving Insulation Detection Capability of Main Equipment Addition System of Power Grid
189 Secure transmission of power core data based on quantum communication
190 a scenario generation method of integrated energy systems based on sequence generative adversarial nets
196 Research on AC/DC Hybrid Distribution System in Multi-station Integration Project Based on Energy Router
197 The future role of Distribution System Operators in Reliable and Resilient Smart Power Distribution
198 A Multi energy/multi services Distribution Company Energy Acquisition Programming
199 Design of Power and Power Quality Measurement System Based on Verilog
200 The Impact of E-Mobility on distribution Grid Expansion
201 Cyber security of critical infrastructures in digital power distribution
203 Synchronized I/V droop method for islanded microgrid control
204 On-line PD localization of MV switchgears via a novel time of flight method
205 Recovery Capability Evaluation of Multi-energy Distribution System Based on Heterogeneous Information Network
206 Insulation fault diagnosis of overhead distribution networks via partial discharge travelling wave current detection
207 Information Models and Communication Mapping based on IEC 61850 for LV Distribution IoTs
209 Analysis of detection methods in key parameters for HTS cable
210 Scheduling Strategy for Integrated Energy System Considering Value Optimization and Two-way Interaction between Supply and Demand
211 Research on Integrated Joint Supervision and Control System of Shared Integrated Substation
212 Non-communication Protection of Single-phase-to-ground Fault in Feeders Connecting with PV
213 A multi-time-space scale based flexibility scheduling strategy for the multi-community multi-energy coupling system
216 A Novel Very Low-Frequency Voltage Generator for Diagnosis Testing in 10-kV Power Cables
219 A preliminary study on the demand response interaction mechanism of multi-energy system based on federated learning
220 A distributed stochastic model predicted voltage control method in distribution networks with high penetration of renewables
221 Leakage Protection for TN-C-S Systems Using Residual and Unbalanced Currents
222 A Method for Protecting Mobile Application Program of Distribution Network based on Virtual Security Domain
224 Operating State Assessment in Distribution Network Based on Empirical Spectral Analysis
226 A new on-chain and off-chain collaborative model for power system electricity information collection integrating "standardization theory + block chain technology"
227 Application of digital twin technology in relay protection
229 This is the title of my abstract: Operation optimization strategy of integrated energy system considering carbon emission reduction.
230 A Node Interlocking Protection Method for Multiple Power Supply Pattens
231 This is the title of my abstract: Analysis of system cascading fault caused by commutation failure.
232 This is the title of my abstract:Optimal scheduling of demand side resources for virtual capacity expansion of transformer station area
233 A Supply Reliability Management Method for Provincial Region with Multiple Municipal Distribution Networks
234 Study and Practices on the Optimal Planning and Control of Customer-side Storages
235 Adjustable Load Potential Assessment Method and Key Influencing Factor Analysis Based on Key Industry Survey and Statistical Analysis.
236 Simulation Method and Platform for Low-carbon Operation of Renewable Parks With Multiple Flexible Loads
238 Optimal sizing of distributed energy storage system for resilience enhancement in industrial park considering power outage
239 Bidirectional Adaptive Control Strategy for the Interconnected Converter of AC/DC Hybrid Distribution Network
240 Distributional Impact Assessment of Carbon Price on the Evolution of Urban Demand and Generation is the title of my abstract.
241 Quantitative Reliability Management for Power Supply Enterprises
242 Research on protection of wind power convergence access line
243 Planning Method of Distribution Network for End-users Differentiated Reliability Requirements
244 Park Demand Response Strategy based on Flexible Resource Pool
246 Research on Grid-friendly PEDF building power distribution system
248 Research on energy efficiency optimization of high power resonant converter based on silicon carbide device
249 A local-central combined voltage control method based on PV inverters in the distribution network
250 Distributed Real-time State Estimation of Integrated Power and Natural Gas Systems
251 Integration and Control Method of Adjustable Load Virtual Power Plant Based on Autonomous Decentralized System Architecture
252 Research on Non-communication Protection of Distribution Line Considering New Energy Access
253 Fault self-healing scheme of MMC DC distribution line
254 A comprehensive adaptive fault location method
255 Research on planning and operation of energy storage system for improving penetration level of distributed generation
256 A Virtual Capacitor Inertia Control Method Based on Dual Active Bridge Converter in DC Microgrid
257 A fine measuring method of energy and carbon footprint
258 Improved master-slave voltage and active power control strategy for multiple grid-connected inverters
260 Online identification method of park-level microgrid topology
261 Control Strategy of Bidirectional Pulsed Power Elimination for High-speed Elevator based on Hybrid Energy Storage Converter
262 Normalized energy-saving operation mechanism of the park based on the Green Power Index
263 Building normal energy saving operation method based on elastic incentive mechanism
264 Evaluating the Contribution of Customer's Load Profile on Integrating Renewable Energy is the title of my abstract.
265 A review of 5G technology application in smart distribution grid
266 An Overview of Energy Storage Utilization in Smart City Grid Integrated with Large Scale Renewable Energies
268 Bi-Level Low-Carbon Economic Dispatch Considering Synergy of both Source and Load Sides
269 Differential Waveform-based Power Disturbance Detection Method using Singular Value Range and Adaptive Threshold
270 Research on distribution network operation state division method based on big data technology
272 Study on pre-disaster assessment of smart distribution network
274 Research on the Evolution Mechanism of the Cyber -Physical Cascading Failure of Power Distribution System Besed on Event-driven
275 A Study of MCU-level Attacks and Defense on Power Distribution Fusion Terminal
277 the title is a fast power flow algorithm for isolated AC-DC microgrid
278 A Fault Diagnosis Method for Microgrid five-level inverter Based on Adversarial Transfer Learning
280 Sub/Super-Synchronous Oscillation Mechanism and Analysis of Smart Automated Container Terminal System with High Penetration of Power Electronic Converters
281 Field Test and Analysis of Sub-Synchronous Oscillation in a Practical Smart Fully-Automated Terminal Power Distribution System
283 Evaluation method of power transaction compliance based on market two-level indicators
284 An improved intelligent early-warning signal for abnormal operation status in electricity market based on AHP-entropy weight method
285 Could e-mobility threaten power distribution networks and how can we fix it?