Keynote speakers

Keynote 1 –“ The challenge of energy transition in China”


Speaks At Sep 21st 09:15 (GMT+8)

Keynote 2 –“ The challenge of energy transition in Europe”

Pierre Mallet(France)

Speaks At Sep 21st 09:35 (GMT+8)

Keynote 3 –“Optimal planning of distribution system with high penetration of DGs”

Prof. Hong LIU(China)

Tianjin University

Speaks At Sep 21st 10:30 (GMT+8)

Keynote 4 –“Micro phase measurement unit and its applications in smart distribution network”

Dr. Chen FANG(China)

Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Development Department of State Grid Shanghai Electric Power Research Institute

Speaks At Sep 21st 13:15 (GMT+8)

Keynote 5 –“Digitalization enabling new services, operation schemes, and customer engagement”

Mr. Yann Fromont(Country)

Chairman of T&D Europe

Speaks At Sep 22nd 09:00 (GMT+8)

Keynote 6 –“Active management and verification of new pattern distribution power system”

Mr. Qingsheng LI(China)

Deputy Chief Engineer of Grid Planning and Research Center and General Manager of Energy Economy Research Office of Guizhou Power Grid Co.

Speaks At Sep 22nd 13:45 (GMT+8)